How to Nail Vinyl Siding

Nailing vinyl siding is different than nailing anything else. When you normally hammer nails into something, you hammer the nail until it is flush with the surface of the material to secure the nail as tightly as possible. When nailing vinyl siding, however, you need to leave a tiny gap of space between the nail and panel so that the siding has room to move side to side. As the temperature outside changes, the vinyl siding will contract and expand. If it was not nailed correctly, the siding won't have flexibility of movement and may become damaged.

Vinyl siding must be nailed properly to avoid damage.
  1. Measure and cut your first vinyl panel to the length of the wall. Leave a 3/8-inch gap on each side of the panel so it doesn't bend as it contracts and expands due to hot and cold weather.

  2. Snap your first panel into place starting at the bottom of the wall.

  3. Hammer the nail through the hole in the nail strip. Leave a 1/6-inch gap between the nail and the panel. Hammer nails approximately 2 to 3 feet apart across the entire length of the panel.

  4. Grab underneath the lower edge of the panel and try to slide it back and forth, left to right, to ensure you hammered the nails in correctly. The panel should easily slide back and forth.

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