Autotrol Water Softener Instructions

The controls on an Autotrol water softener vary from model to another.

Adjusting the Timer

Autotrol devices use brine to soften water.Autotrol devices use brine to soften water.
To operate the water softener correctly you will need the proper set of instructions for your particular model. An Autotrol water softener typically includes information for adjusting the timer and adjusting the brine control. You can adjust the settings on your Autotrol water softener by using the following instructions.

Pull the skipper pins, located on the large skipper wheel, out and away from the control board.

Turn the skipper wheel until the arrow for the day points to number 1 or the current day.

Push the skipper pins back in for the specific day that you want the softener to regenerate.

Pull the timer knob out from the control board.

Turn the knob to align the current time of day on the dial with the time of day arrow.

Push or let go of the timer knob to set the time of day.

Adjusting the Brine Control

Insert the end of a flat-head screwdriver into the white pointer knob on the lower left corner of the timer.

Turn the knob to the setting for the amount of salt to use.

Repeat this process to change salt dial to the amount of salt that is to be used by the softener.


  • The initial setting for the salt dial is set by the installer of the softener.
  • The softener should regenerate at approximately 2:30 a.m. when the time of day is set properly on the timer.
  • Manually start an extra regeneration cycle by inserting a flat-blade screwdriver into the pointer knob and turning it counterclockwise to the "Start" position.

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