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How to Repair a Shower Diverter

Gail Logan

Many people use a shower every day without ever understanding how the plumbing works and how to fix it. For example, the spout and lever that divert water from a tub spout to a shower head is called a diverter.

When a diverter is faulty, it will not fully block the water from the tub spout and will result in a slowed flow of water from the shower head. Fortunately, a diverter can be replaced without professional help in a few simple steps.

  1. Examine the current spout and knob to determine how it is attached, proceeding to step 2 if it is attached with a screw, or step 3 if it is threaded onto the pipe.

  2. Close the drain at the base of the tub and remove the screw that attaches the spout to the wall. Turn the spout to the left while pulling toward you to release the spout from the water pipe.

  3. Clamp onto the spout with a wrench and turn to the left until the spout is released from the water pipe.

  4. Replace the spout with the same type that you removed. If the spout is threaded, be sure to twist into place tightly. If it is attached with a screw, secure tightly with a screw.

  5. Tip

    If you are in doubt about the type of diverter to replace the old one with, take the old spout to the local hardware store to help ensure you choose one that is similar.

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