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How to Replace an Old Eljer Shower Valve

Steve Brachmann

Where there are moving parts in a bath or shower assembly, there are parts that will eventually be worn to the point of needing replacement. Old Eljer shower diverter valves on an assembly may do a poor job of diverting water from the bath faucet to the shower head, or they may even cause leaks around the faceplate of the diverter valve. Most Eljer shower diverter valves are easily removed by loosening a few screws and bolts, and they can be replaced by diverter valves that are model-compatible with your Eljer shower assembly.

Eljer shower valves on old assemblies can be easily replaced.
  1. Loosen the screw securing the Eljer shower diverter faceplate or knob to the wall. Remove the plate or knob and set aside.

  2. Use a socket wrench to remove all bolts securing the old Eljer shower diverter to the shower manifold assembly. Bolts securing the shower diverter valve to the shower assembly should be located near the point where the Eljer diverter valve meets the manifold.

  3. Remove the old Eljer shower diverter valve by pulling it free from the manifold with your hands. You may want to wear work gloves to protect your hands.

  4. Secure your replacement Eljer shower diverter valve to the manifold by positioning it properly with your hands and securing any bolts contained with the replacement diverter valve's packaging. You may want a friend's help for this step. If the shower diverter valve is compatible with the rest of the Eljer shower assembly, bolt threads on the shower diverter should be aligned with threads on the manifold. If your replacement shower diverter isn't properly aligned, you will need to purchase a diverter with the proper compatibility.

  5. Secure the Eljer shower knob or faceplate over the shower diverter by replacing the screw you removed in Step 1 and tightening it with a screwdriver.