How to Build Grape Fencing

Grapes are a wonderful fruit to grow in your garden and a variety of types can grow in most climates. However, grape vines are incapable of supporting the crop by themselves and require fencing to grow properly. Fortunately, building fencing for grape vines is simple for gardeners.

Fencing helps your grape vines thrive.
  1. Dig 2-foot holes with your post hole digger for each post, placing the holes in a straight line. The number of posts depends on the size of your garden and how many grape vines you'll grow. Space each post 8 to 10 feet apart, measuring the distance with a measuring tape.

  2. Place each post upright in its hole. Fill each hole back in with dirt and make sure the post stands straight. Each post will now be standing 8 feet high.

  3. Measure at 2 feet and 5 feet high on each post, using your measuring tape. Use your pencil to make a mark at both heights.

  4. Drill holes through the posts at both of the marked heights. The holes should be drilled to face the other posts so you can run wire through them.

  5. Run stainless-steel wire through the holes in the posts. Wrap the wire around both ending posts and tighten. Cut the wire with wire cutters.

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