How to Scrub a Real Wood Floor

Over time, your wood floors may lose their luster and become dull from grime and dirt buildup. Once this happens, it's time to give them a good scrubbing to restore them to their original shine. Maintaining your wood floors extends the life of the wood and keeps it looking beautiful.

Srubbing a wood floor can restore its original lustre.
  1. Vacuum up any dirt or debris. It's important to remove any loose dirt before scrubbing your wood floor.

  2. Test your floor to determine if dish soap is strong enough to remove dirt and grime. Mix two tablespoons of dish soap to a gallon of hot water in a bucket. Dip the nylon brush into the mixture and begin scrubbing a small test area. If you can't remove the dirt and grime, use a solvent-based cleaner instead. Make sure to wear rubber gloves if you're using a solvent-based cleaner.

  3. Work in 2- to 3-foot sections at a time. Scrub the area in the direction of the grain until you loosen all dirt and grime. Use a clean towel to dry off the area before moving on to the next section. It's important to dry each area completely before moving on, since water can cause warping if left on wood too long.

  4. Allow the entire floor to dry completely.

  5. Apply floor wax by hand, and use a floor buffer to buff the floor.