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How to Replace Wood Flooring Under Columns on Porches

Cameron Easey

Columns that are installed on the porch can be decorative or structural. When the wood under the base of the column begins to deteriorate, the column may begin to sink under the weight of the roof. In order to fix the wood flooring, you will need to remove the column from the porch. You can replace wood flooring under columns on porches by first installing a support for the roof.

Wood flooring under a column can be replaced by supporting the roof.
  1. Measure 1 inch by 1 inch on one corner of a 2-by-4 board with a tape measure and make a mark with a pencil. Cut along the pencil marks with the circular saw to put a notch in the board. The 2-by-4 board should be much longer than the height of the column and able to reach the ground.

  2. Set the 2-by-4 board diagonally against the corner of the roof of the porch next to the column. The notched end of the board will be against the roof and the other end will be on the ground in front of the porch.

  3. Drive a wooden stake or small board into the ground next to the 2-by-4 with the rubber mallet. Secure the wooden stake or small board to the 2-by-4 with a nail using the hammer.

  4. Set a hand jack on the porch and hold a 2-by-4 flat against the ceiling near the column. Place another 2-by-4 board vertically on top of the hand jack and to secure the 2-by-4 tp the ceiling. The vertical 2-by-4 should be just under the height of the ceiling. Turn the hand jack to lift the ceiling off of the column. This will be the temporary support for the ceiling.

  5. Place two 4-by-4 boards on the left and right side of the hand jack for additional support. Nail the 4-by-4 boards to the 2-by-4 board on the ceiling.

  6. Pull out any nails that were used to secure the base of the column to the wood floor of the porch with a nail puller. Slide the column out of the porch and set it aside.

  7. Insert a pry bar under a piece of wood of the porch flooring and lift the flooring off of the porch. Repeat this process for the remaining wood flooring under the column.

  8. Set the new boards into place and secure them with nails. Set the column back under the ceiling and on the new floorboards.

  9. Remove the 4-by-4 support beams and then lower the hand jack until the ceiling is resting back on top of the column.

  10. Remove the 2-by-4 boards that were used for the temporary support to complete the project.