How to Build a Fire Pit on a Hill

Fire pits are attention-grabbing decorative pieces of yard furniture. Most people have their fire pits on their patio. If you have a hill in your yard, you can make the most of it by setting up a fire pit at the top. Having a fire pit on top of the hill will spread out your guests and take advantage of more of your yard space.

Make a hilltop fire pit out of your old barbecue
  1. Remove the legs, grill and lid from the mini-barbecue so that the fire bowl is all that's remaining. The fire bowl will serve as the fire bowl of the fire pit. Barbecue fire bowls are made for housing fire, making them perfect for a fire pit.

  2. Place the fire bowl upside down. Apply waterproof polyurethane glue to the end of the 36-inch solid metal pole and stick it vertically to the center of the bottom of the fire bowl. Let the polyurethane glue dry.

  3. Dig a hole 12 inches deep and one foot in diameter on top of the hill, using a shovel. Mix cement and water in a bucket and fill the hole eight inches with cement. Follow the mixing directions on the bag of cement as they can vary from brand to brand. Insert the bottom of the pole glued to the fire bowl of the mini-barbecue into the cement and either hold it in place or prop it up until the cement dries.

  4. Fill in the last three to four inches of the hole with dirt and top with grass seed. This will make grass grow over the cement for decoration because grass is nicer to look at than a spot of cement.

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