How to Refinish Hardwood Floors Sand Free

When hardwood floors are exposed to regular wear and tear, the finish on the floors becomes scuffed and worn. This necessitates refinishing the hardwood floor, which usually requires a lot of sanding. By using liquid sander to refinish your hardwood floors, you can restore the finish of your floors without the long, messy process of sanding.

Refinishing a hardwood floor without sanding reduces mess.
  1. Apply a coat of liquid sander to the hardwood floor with a clean cloth. Let it stand on the floor for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer. Allow the liquid sander to completely dry.

  2. Mix the stain by shaking the can of stain for approximately 10 minutes. Open the can of stain and stir the stain with a metal stirrer to ensure the stain is mixed.

  3. Apply a coat of stain onto the hardwood floor with a clean brush. Allow the stain to soak into the hardwood and wipe off any excess stain with a clean cloth. Let the stain completely dry.

  4. Brush a light coat of polyurethane onto the hardwood floor with a clean brush with long, smooth strokes. Let the polyurethane completely dry.


  • Keep your work area ventilated.
  • Wear hand and eye protection when using chemicals.

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