How to Build a Frame for a Swing

A properly built A-frame for a swing provides stability for any type of swing or hanging recreation equipment. Complete the project in just a few hours to provide a place for hanging a porch swing, a child's swing or other hanging toys. The simple motion of swinging is enjoyable and relaxing for both children and adults. Setting the end posts in concrete ensures a safe, stable swing.

Child on a swing.
  1. Place one 4-by-4 on a sturdy work surface.

  2. Use a tape measure to mark a ¼-inch increment on the end of the 4-by-4.

  3. Measure 6-inches from the end and make another mark.

  4. Measure in 1¾-inches from the mark in Step 3 and make a mark.

  5. Draw a line from the mark in the top of the 4-by-4 to the mark near the center of the post on an angle and another line to the center mark from the line on the side of the post.

  6. Cut along the lines with a circular saw.

  7. Use the cut board as a template to mark and cut the other three 4-by-4 posts.

  8. Cut a 6-inch piece of the 4-by-6 beam to use as a spacer. Place two of the cut 4-by-4 posts together with the notches facing each other. Place the spacer in the notches and secure with a clamp so the 4-by-4 posts are on an angle with the tops tight to the spacer and the bottoms spaced farther apart.

  9. Measure each 4-by-4 post 6 inches from the bottom of the beam on the inside and mark with a pencil. Lay another 4-by-4 post across the lines. Mark the post along the angled posts with a pencil to create a cut line. Repeat 18 inches further down on the posts.

  10. Cut two of each size brace piece. Place each piece into position on each frame section and secure by inserting corrosion-resistant screws with a drill and screwdriver drill bit on an angle through the crosspieces and into the lateral legs.

  11. Hold the frame sections vertically and place the 4-by-6 beam into the notches. Secure with exterior screws.

  12. Position the frame in the desired location. Mark the locations of the posts with landscaping paint. Move the frame a few feet to the side of the desired location.

  13. Dig holes that are 12 inches in diameter and 18-inches deep. Fill with concrete mixed according to package directions in each hole. Place the posts into the holes.

  14. Use a 4-foot level to level the top and plumb the sides of the frame.

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