How to Make a Table Out of Wine Corks

Wine aficionados often enjoy preserving their wine bottles as visual art. Some ideas include cutting them into votive candle holders or making them into hummingbird feeders. However, none of these crafts involve using the actual corks from these wine bottles. You can turn the corks into a useful craft all their own by making them into a moisture-absorbing and original table top.

Cover a table in wine corks for a vintage look.
  1. Draw a square on your table using your level to make sure the lines are straight. The chalk edges of the square should be about 4 inches from the edges of the table. Measure the length of your corks and draw rows inside your square that match the length of the corks.

  2. Cut each of your corks in half lengthwise. This helps them lie flat and makes it easier to place them. Work slowly, scoring the sides of each cork before cutting through it to avoid breakage and uneven sides.

  3. Run a bead of hot glue along the center of the flat side of one of your cork halves. Press it vertically into the upper left corner of your chalk square so the edges of the cork cover the edges of the chalk. Place a second cork half next to it.

  4. Place two more corks next to the first, turning them 90 degrees so they lie horizontally. Repeat the cork pattern across the first row, alternately gluing two vertical and two horizontal corks.

  5. Allow the glue to dry overnight. Dust away any visible chalk marks. Your table should be heat-proof and ready to use.