How to Get Crayon Stains off of Fabric

Fabric and clothing can acquire stains of all kinds over time.

Use a simple process to remove crayon stains from your clothing and furniture.
If there are small children around you may find that clothing and furniture can become stained with crayon marks. Fortunately, crayons are made mostly of wax, which makes removing them from fabric a bit easier than some other substances. With some ice and common cleaning supplies, crayon stains can often be removed completely without damaging your clothing or upholstery. .

Freeze the crayon wax with some ice cubes. If the item is small, you can place it in your freezer for a short time. This will harden the crayon wax, and then much of it can be scraped off using a butter knife.

Place the stained area between a few layers of paper towels. Press on the area with a warm iron. This will slowly transfer the crayon wax into the paper towels. Replace the paper towels several times to keep the stain from spreading.

Apply a prewash stain remover to the area and let it sit until dry. Wash the fabric with color-safe bleach. Use the hot or warm water settings on your washing machine. Repeat as needed until the remainder of the crayon wax is removed.

Things You Will Need

  • Ice cubes Paper towels Clothes iron Prewash stain remover Color-safe bleach

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