How to Reduce Mold in Latex Mattresses

Cricket Webber

Natural latex is made from the sap extracted from rubber trees and is automatically mold and mildew resistant. For this reason, natural latex mattresses are increasingly popular among people with allergy problems. Latex mattresses are easy to care for and they do not require rotating as standard coil-spring mattresses do. Many latex mattresses come with 10- or 20-year warranties from the manufacturer, and are expected to last the average user many years past that time frame.

Many people avoid latex mattresses due to latex allergies, but the mattress cover is generally enough protection from the latex even if you are allergic.
  1. Remove all of the bedding from your latex mattress and launder as usual. If you have allergies to molds and dust mites, you should wash your bedding frequently. Laundering your bedding once a week is typically recommended by allergy experts to reduce exposure to allergens. Make sure that your bedding is completely dry before putting it onto your bed. Washing your linens in hot water reduces allergens and kills bacteria.

  2. Remove the mattress covering and launder. Most mattresses have a removable cover that zips off. As with your other bedding, if you have allergies you should launder your mattress covering frequently and in hot water. Make sure the mattress cover is completely dry before placing it back on the mattress.

  3. Vacuum your latex mattress and inspect it for stains or signs of mold. Although latex is mold resistant, if there has been moisture trapped between your bedding and the mattress, there could be mold residue against the face of the latex mattress.

  4. Spot clean your mattress if you find any stains. Mix four or five drops of liquid laundry detergent into one cup of cool water. Use a sponge or a clean cloth to blot the mixture onto the stain. Do not rub or scrub because that can cause stains to spread. Do not use solvents on your latex mattress as solvents will cause the latex to break down. If you need to spot clean your latex mattress, make sure that the mattress is completely dry before you replace your mattress cover and bed linens.