How to Repair Popcorn Ceiling After a Leak

Popcorn ceilings (acoustic) have been used in houses for many years.

Leaks through a popcorn ceiling will leave an ugly brown stain.Leaks through a popcorn ceiling will leave an ugly brown stain.
They hide ceiling defects and the ceiling does not need to be painted. Popcorn ceilings are easily damaged by leaks. The leak leaves a dark brown stain on the ceiling. Repairing a popcorn ceiling is a bit more difficult then your standard ceiling. It is a messy process but with the proper supplies, repairing the ceiling is an easy and straight forward process.

Place a dropcloth on the ground to protect your floor from falling debris.

Scrape off the popcorn texture around the leak area with a putty knife. Clear an additional 3 inches around the leak area.

Sand the area with a sanding block removing remaining texture on the ceiling. It is important to make the ceiling smooth as possible or the popcorn repair spray may not stick.

Prime the area with a paint brush using a dabbing motion. Give the primer 24 hours to dry.

Lightly spray the area with the popcorn repair spray. Hold the repair spray nine to 13 inches away from the ceiling and spray in a downward motion.

Things You Will Need

  • Dropcloth
  • Putty knife
  • Primer (spray)
  • Popcorn repair spray


  • Popcorn ceilings installed before 1980 may contain asbestos.

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