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How to Roll Textured Drywall Compound on a Ceiling

Damon Koch

Drywall compound is used to texture ceilings because it is easy to work with and sets up in a short amount of time. No matter what implement will be used to apply the pattern for the texture, a paint roller is generally used to apply the joint compound to the ceiling.

The process of rolling the drywall compound onto the ceiling can be messy, so drop cloths or plastic should be used to cover flooring.

  1. Lay drop cloths or plastic on the floor to protect it from drips of joint compound. Ensure that the entire surface of the floor is protected.

  2. Mix some joint compound with water in an empty bucket. Use an electric drill with a stirring bit to mix the joint compound. Add water a little at a time until the joint compound is the consistency of thick wallpaper paste.

  3. Dip the paint roller in the bucket of mixed joint compound until it is completely submerged. Pull the roller out of the mixture and tap the paint roller applicator on the rim of the bucket to knock off the excess compound.

  4. Raise the paint roller to the ceiling and start rolling on the joint compound as quickly as possible to avoid too many drips.

  5. Begin at one corner of the room and work your way to the opposing corner. Then work toward the other end of the room. Ensure that you cover every area of the ceiling with the joint compound. Dip the roller in the bucket of compound often to keep the roller loaded with the mixture.