How to Restick Wallpaper

Re-sticking wallpaper is an important task because it prevents the wallpaper from continuing to peel. If you do not take the time to re-stick the wallpaper it can lead to ripping or tearing. The task of re-sticking wall paper is simple but will take up to two days to complete as it requires time to set and dry. The end result will be beautiful and professional looking walls.

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Step 1

Mix the overlap paste to a smooth consistency.

Step 2

Dip your pasting brush into the overlap paste and brush in onto the section of the wallpaper that is peeling. This will wet the paper and make it sticky. Do not dampen it yourself; the glue will do that.

Step 3

Remove the access overlap paste with a scraper. Drag the blade of the scraper across the edges of the wallpaper slowly and gently so the wallpaper does not tear.

Step 4

Smooth the wallpaper into position and removing bubbles and creases using a paperhanging brush.

Step 5

Squeeze caulking along the top and bottom skirt of the wall, as will give it a professional looking finish.