How to Match Paint Chips to the Actual Paint Color

When you need to repaint a wall in your house or touch up small areas, it's important that the color matches exactly. Otherwise, the paint won't match when it dries, and the touched-up spots will be very noticeable. The most accurate way to match paint chips to the actual color is to take the chips to your local home improvement store. Most of these stores have color-matching machines in their paint departments that will scan and analyze the paint chip to match it to the exact color.

Match any paint color from paint chips with computerized color-matching technology.
  1. Find an area of the wall where the paint is in good condition. Ideally you should try to find a section where the paint is not scuffed or stained.

  2. Scrape off some of the paint with a utility knife. You should scrape off a few big chips, at least 1-inch by 1-inch. The bigger the paint chips, the better the color matching results will be.

  3. Take the chips to the paint department at your nearest home improvement store.

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