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How to Disassemble a Mag-Light

Aaron Kopf

Maglite flashlights are well respected for their rugged nature and dependable construction. Like most electronic devices that contain batteries for extended periods of time, Maglites will occasionally become covered in thin layer of battery acid or corrosion. Cleaning Maglites require a complete tear down of the flashlight assembly, including the power switch. The removal of this stubborn switch has presented an enigma to many would-be Maglite cleaners, but with the right tools, your Maglite will be completely disassembled in a matter of minutes.

Learn how to take apart your Maglite
  1. Line your flat, even working space with paper towels to help keep track of the different Maglite pieces.

  2. Twist away the Maglite base. Upend the flashlight to release the batteries. Place the base and batteries off to the side. If the batteries are old and corroded, throw them away.

  3. Twist off the lens ring on the other end of the flashlight. Ensure that the thin circle of plastic comes away with the ring. Now pull out the plastic reflector, setting all parts off the side.

  4. Pull the rubber away from the power switch.

  5. Insert the tip of a 1/8 AF Allen wrench into the newly exposed screw and twist it counterclockwise. Place the screw and rubber off to the side.

  6. Press on the switch, much like you would if you were turning on the flashlight. Push the switch towards the base of the flashlight using your fingers, and eventually the rest of the way using a long screwdriver.

  7. Pull the switch assembly away from the now gutted flashlight.