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How to Replace Belts on a Snapper Lawn Mower

Nathan McGinty

Snapper manufactures a number of different models of riding lawn mowers that will make quick work out of any lawn or landscape, no matter what the size. The cutting blades on these mowers are all turned by rubber or plastic belts.

Although built out of tough rubber and/or plastic materials, the belts can degrade over time and break. Replacing belts on a Snapper lawn mower, however, isn't a difficult task. You'll be back to mowing in no time.

  1. Park your mower on a clean, level surface, such as your driveway or patio. Apply the parking brake so that the mower will not move. Set a brick or block of wood underneath the wheels to help keep it in place. Turn the mower off, and remove the key.

  2. Disconnect the wire attached to the spark plug. Secure this to the side of the mower with a piece of electrical tape to disable the engine and prevent it from starting accidentally while you are working on it.

  3. Loosen the bolts that hold the main frame tube in place using the wrench.

  4. Find a comfortable spot where you can work on the underside of your Snapper. Towards the front of the mower, you will see a spring-loaded arm, which is the idler pulley tension arm. Push this foward to create slack in the belt. Remove the belt from the pulley at the rear of the mower still holding it in place.

  5. Install the new belt. The flat side should be facing outward. Push the idler pulley tension arm forward as you did in step 4, and thread the new belt through the rear pulley. Release the arm to tighten the loop.

  6. Tighten the main tube bolts that you loosened in step 3.

  7. Reconnect the spark plug wire.

  8. Start the mower and ensure that it is running properly. Test the belt replacement out on a nearby patch of grass.


If you are replacing the belt because the old one broke, make sure to get all of the bits and pieces of the old belt out of the mower. The parts could get caught up in the blade and cause damage or injury. The above steps are just a guideline. Always follow manufacturer instructions for your specific Snapper model.


Always use the proper safety equipment when working around power tools such as mowers.