How to Remove an Engine Pulley From an MTD Riding Mower

Dale Yalanovsky

An MTD riding mower engine pulley transmits the power of the engine to the transmission, via a drive belt. This pulley is located directly beneath the front of the riding mower. It is pressed on to the engine driveshaft and then bolted into place for maximum security. Once the bolt has been removed, you can literally spray it with penetrating oil and hammer it off, but that will destroy the pulley. A better way is to use a three-jaw puller.

MTD engine pulleys can be removed with a puller.
  1. Place your riding mower on a smooth level surface, pull the key out of the ignition and set the brake.

  2. Locate the engine pulley beneath the engine and then using the proper sized wrench, remove the retaining bolt.

  3. Liberally spray the driveshaft above the pulley with penetrating oil, and allow the oil to run down the shaft to penetrate the area where the shaft and the pulley meet.

  4. Attach the three-jaw puller onto the pulley sides by hooking the puller jaws over the rim of the pulley, while placing the pullers center screw onto the driveshaft. Hand tighten the center screw to tighten up the jaws.

  5. Place a wrench onto the puller center screw and begin to tighten it slowly. As the center screw tightens, it will pull the jaws towards it, and as the jaws get pulled, the pulley will come with them. This constant pressure as you tighten the screw will literally pull the MTD engine pulley straight off the shaft.