How to Make Furniture Applique Molds

Sometimes a little detail can make all the difference. In vintage furniture, the carved details are what attract collectors and lovers of craftsmanship. But sometimes an older piece of furniture is missing its furniture applique, or some new reproduction chairs need a little vintage detail. That's when being able to make your own furniture appliques from a mold really works. The process is easy, inexpensive and will give you plenty of opportunities to add decorative details to furniture, walls and mirrors.

You can capture any or all of the details in these doors using a simple push-mold method.

Step 1

Prepare the furniture applique by cleaning it with a soft paintbrush. Clean dust and debris that might be trapped in the tight spaces of the applique or the details of the reproduced applique will not appear sharp.

Step 2

Prepare polymer clay by working it until it's soft and easy to mold.

Step 3

Roll a ball of polymer clay that is larger than the furniture applique to be copied. The clay ball must be able to cover the entire applique plus have 1 or 2 inches above it when it is pressed into the clay.

Step 4

Before pressing the furniture applique into the polymer clay, dust the clay lightly with baby powder and a soft paintbrush. This will prevent the furniture applique from sticking to the clay.

Step 5

Press the furniture applique firmly into the polymer clay to ensure that all the details are captured by the mold.

Step 6

Pull the clay gently away from the furniture applique without stretching it. Check the mold to be sure that all the details of the applique are there.

Step 7

Place the mold on an old cookie sheet and bake in the oven according to the polymer manufacturer's directions.

Step 8

Allow the mold to cool before casting any appliques.

Step 9

Mix Durham's Wood Putty with water according to directions. Pour into the mold. Allow it to set up and dry completely.

Step 10

Carefully remove the furniture applique from the mold and sand any rough spots with fine-gauge sandpaper.