How to Install Duk Liner

Installing Duk liners in your tiled shower walls allows you to reduce the clutter associated with shower organizers. A preformed Duk liner pan creates a sealed recess in your shower walls for storing your shower supplies neatly out of the shower area. Once installed, the niche created by the Duk liner will blend seamlessly with the rest of the tiled wall. Determine the correct location for your shower niche before beginning the installation to ensure that you will have adequate room for your supplies.

Shower niches keep shower supplies orderly.
  1. Measure the height of the Duk liner with a tape measure.

  2. Mark the location of the top and bottom of the Duk liner. Place the end of the tape measure on the shower floor. Pull the tape measure along the shower wall. Mark the location of both the top and bottom height of the Duk liner opening on a wall stud.

  3. Frame the hole for the Duk liner. Cut the wall studs with a power miter box. Align one side of a cut stud with the bottom height mark you placed on a wall stud. Run an 8d nail through the wall stud and into the end of the cut stud with a claw hammer. Place a torpedo level on top of the cut stud. Adjust the stud until the torpedo level reads level. Secure the other end of the stud with a second 8d nail. Repeat the process with the top cut stud.

  4. Slide the Duk liner into the framed opening. Run one 8d nail at each pre-marked location of the Duk liner with a claw hammer.

  5. Cover the area around the Duk liner with a vapor barrier. Cut the vapor barrier to size with a utility knife.

  6. Clean the area around the installed Duk liner before installing tile on the shower wall.


  • Wear safety glasses when cutting studs with a power miter saw.