Fixing Cracked Ceramic Sewer Pipes

When sewer pipes crack or break, they need to be repaired. You can dig up the pipe and replace it, which can be costly, or you can repair the cracked pipe with a simple fix at a fraction of the cost. This fix is accomplished by relining the pipe with an inflatable tube. You don’t have to line the entire pipe, only the place that has the crack. Because it is a small repair, this process is simple to complete yourself.

Step 1

Open the pipe access valve with a pipe wrench.

Step 2

Clean the pipe. You can use high-pressure jetting or mechanical brushes to get the pipe clean.

Step 3

Send a special sewer camera through the pipes. This process will give you the location, distance and size of the leak. You can rent one of these cameras at the plumbing store. You won't need this tool if you already have the pipe dug out and the crack located.

Step 4

Cut the inflatable tube to fit the size of the leak.

Step 5

Soak the lining material in the special resin included in the kit until it is saturated.

Step 6

Install the liner into the pipe where the broken or cracked section is located.

Step 7

Inflate the liner. This process will push the resin against the inside wall of the pipe to seal the leak.

Step 8

Leave to cure or dry for at least three hours.

Step 9

Send a special camera through the pipe to ensure the inflatable liner completely covers the crack.