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How to Use Denso Tape

Allison Melman

Denso tape is a special type of heavy-duty tape made from various materials and used in construction, engineering, infrastructure and various industries. It prevents and repairs leaks in pipes, sealing and protecting them from moisture and corrosion. If you want to use Denso tape, it is important to choose the right type of tape for the job. There are Denso tapes based on petrolatum, bitumen, rubber and butyl, depending on the intended usage and needed strength.

Step 1

Prepare the pipe or other element you want to protect and seal for applying the Denso tape. If you are using Denso tape on plumbing pipes or similar infrastructure tubing, make sure that everything is turned off and shut down.

Step 2

Clean the surface you wish to protect and seal, in order to prepare it for the tape adhesive. Use a wire brush to remove any loose rust particles and flakes. Then use a coarse scrub pad to remove the smaller particles and to further clean the surface. Use a damp sponge to finish the cleaning process. If the surface is too dirty and rusty, use a blast cleaner.

Step 3

Allow the surface to dry or wipe it with a towel.

Step 4

Apply a thin layer of special Denso paste, as a primer for the surface. Make sure to cover the whole surface you wish to apply Denso tape.

Step 5

Unwrap one end of the Denso tape roll and start wrapping the pipe from one end. Hold the tape roll in your hand while carefully going around the pipe to firmly and securely glue it on the pipe’s surface.

Step 6

Continue wrapping the pipe with Denso tape, slowly and carefully, making sure there is an overlap of about half of the tape's width.

Step 7

Cut the end of the Denso tape with a sharp utility knife once you have reached the end of the pipe.