How to Make a Hockey Stick Chair

If you're a hockey fan or player, chances are good you have hockey sticks in your possession. Maybe more than a few sticks. Over time, all hockey sticks break or wear down, but they still have value. Use them to create a piece of furniture that will be a sure conversation-starter. There are many different styles of furniture that can be made from used hockey sticks. This tutorial will cover desk chairs.

Have a place to sit when the game ends.
  1. Collect used hockey sticks. You can get broken sticks from local high school teams or buy them at thrift stores.

  2. Cut the sticks down to the sizes listed above.

  3. Lay down 2 of the 18-inch pieces side by side. These will be the sides of the seat.

  4. Between the two sides, lay nine of the 16-inch pieces parallel to the side pieces. These form the seat of the chair.

  5. Attach the seat pieces to the side pieces with wood glue, then secure them with wood screws once the glue has dried.

  6. Lay down the other two 18-inch pieces. These will be the base of the legs.

  7. Attach a 16-inch piece to one end of each leg base and a 3-foot piece to the other, forming a J shape. Use wood glue, followed by screws.

  8. See the braces at the front and back of the chair and the slats that form the back.
  9. Connect the two J shapes together with one 16-inch piece across the front (8 inches from the base), a second at the same height across the back, and four at the top to form the chair's back. Use wood glue, followed by screws.

  10. Set the seat onto the legs/back section. The front should rest on top of the short legs, and the back presses against the tall legs. Make sure the back of the seat is level and attach with wood glue and screws.

  11. Attach 2 more 18-inch pieces under the seat on either side, going from front to back, for added support. These pieces should be attached to the legs just under the seat.

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