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How Do I Close the Metal Covers on a Bryant Furnace?

Mark J. Pugliese

Improperly secured furnace doors can cause severe personal injury and prevent the system from operating correctly. Bryant furnaces (as well as other furnace brands) are made up of several electrical and natural gas components. With only a few steps, you can keep your family safe by properly closing the metal covers on a Bryant furnace.

Securing the Small Door

Every furnace door is installed differently.
  1. Align and orient the door by following the various safety and information stickers. The words should be right-side up and facing out from the furnace.

  2. Let the bottom edge of the door fall naturally in place and rest on the bottom of the furnace opening as you tip the top edge toward you. The bottom of the small door is designed to interlock with the bottom edge of the furnace cabinet.

  3. Tilt the door back up toward the furnace, and listen for the small "click" as it slips into place. Check all around the edges to make sure the door is flush with the outside of the furnace. The bottom edge of the door should be uniform from side to side when it's interlocked with the bottom of the furnace cabinet.

  4. Secure the small door to the furnace using the two sheet metal screws provided with the unit. Look for two bronze-colored, hex-head screws that were removed when the small door was removed. If the manufacturer screws are not available, small, course-threaded screws will work. Verify that the edges around the small door are smooth and flush with the furnace cabinet. If the door is not flush, the safety switch might not be engaged properly.

Securing the Big Door

  1. Align and orient the big door by following the manufacturer decals. The big door similarly interconnects with the bottom edge of the furnace cabinet, although in a slightly different manner (the manner of the connection becomes apparent when the process begins).

  2. Slide the bottom edge of the door into the slot along the bottom edge of the furnace cabinet. Look down and along each edge of the furnace to ensure the door is centered side to side.

  3. Tilt the door up slowly, and find the two small metal clips along the top edge of the furnace cabinet. The two clips snap into two plastic receptacles along the top inside edge of the door.

  4. Align the furnace clips with the door receptacles, and gently push the door until you feel a click and the door is secure.