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How to Find the Model & Serial Numbers on a York Furnace

Laure Justice

It is a good idea to have annual maintenance performed on a furnace to prevent safety and health hazards. When you need to schedule furnace maintenance - or if the furnace breaks and needs to be repaired - you will need the model and serial number of your furnace. The labels on York furnaces are marked with an Underwriters Laboratory code, product specifications that are sometimes needed for ordering parts and making repairs, the model number, and the serial number.

Step 1

Stand directly in front of the furnace - looking straight at the front. There will be two large panels - one with vents and one without.

Step 2

Open the vented front panel on the cabinet of the furnace. If there is not an obvious handle, reach to the bottom of the panel and feel for a finger sized groove. Lift straight up until you feel the panel release and then pull the panel toward you.

Step 3

Locate the model and serial number label inside the cabinet of the furnace. The model number will be four letters, a dash, and then six more characters while the serial number is ten characters long.