How to Install an HDMI Wall Plate

An HDMI wall plate is similar to a wall receptacle or a wall plate with the difference being that a HDMI wall plate can accommodate an HDMI hookup as opposed to having to travel the wiring to a power outlet plug. These wall plates are very affordable and look much nicer than old-fashioned outlets and plugs. HDMI wall plates can be used for flat-screen TVs, entertainment centers and computers. They keep the room from being cluttered with visible or hanging wires. Make sure that your HDMI equipment is certified by HDMI.

Step 1

Turn off electricity before doing any electrical work. The electricity of the whole house should be turned off completely so you can work on installing the wall plate safely.

Step 2

Determine where the main panel of your kit will be mounted. Measure up from the bottom of the wall and make a mark with a pencil where the middle of the panel will be.

Step 3

Put the template that came with your installation kit against the mark you made on the wall. Hold it in place with small pieces of masking tape. Try to tape in the center so that if the tape leaves a mark, it will be hidden by the TV or whatever you place on the bracket.

Step 4

Take the two smaller panels out of the box. Trace around the outside of one of the smaller panels inside the right-hand side of the large template.

Step 5

Determine the location on the wall of the second panel. It should be horizontal with any power outlets on the wall and line up vertically with the first panel. Hold the second panel up to the spot where it is going to placed and trace around it.

Step 6

Use the sheetrock saw to cut out the boxes for the smaller panels from the locations you have drawn on the wall.

Step 7

Straighten out the electrical wire that came with kit. Make a small loop on one end to use as a hook so it will not fall through the wall as you start to snake it.

Step 8

Snake the wire by holding the hooked end and dropping the other end gradually from the top hole you have cut down to the bottom hole. Work the wire down slowly and when it cannot go any farther, hook the length you made a loop from onto the edge of the top hole. Pull about 4 inches of wire out from the bottom hole.

Step 9

Find the two electrical work boxes included in the kit. Take one and locate the tabs on the back. Break one tab off with the blade of the screwdriver.

Step 10

Feed the wire from the upper hole in the wall through the hole you made by removing the tab. Leave 6 inches of wire hanging out of the box. Compress the ears on the sides of the box and push it into the wall.

Step 11

Secure the box using, the screws that came with the kit. The screw holes are on the four corners of the box. Screw them in tightly. Repeat Steps 8 to 10 with the other work box and the lower hole.

Step 12

Find the recessed cable plate with the power receptacle without the wire leads. You are going to install this in the top box. Take hold of the wire coming out of the wall. You will see three ends. One is bare copper; one is white, and one is black.

Step 13

Connect the bare copper end to the green grounding screw on the back of the cable plate. Connect the white end to the silver grounding screw on the back of the cable plate. Connect the black end to the brass grounding screw on the back of the cable plate. The wire ends should just twist into the grounding screws. Secure each connection with a screwdriver.

Step 14

Compress the ears on the side of the cable plate. Carefully push the cable plate into the wall. There are four holes located in each corner of the cable plate. Screw the cable plate into the wall with the screws found in the kit.

Step 15

Take the other recessed cable plate with the power receptacle. Hold the wire coming out of the bottom wall in one hand and the recessed cable plate with the power receptacle in the other.

Step 16

Attach the wires coming out of the wall to the receptacle in this order: Green wire goes with the bare copper; black will go with black; and the white to the white end of the receptacle. Hold each end together and twist a wire nut over each set of wires.

Step 17

Compress the wings on the side of the receptacle and push into the wall. Fasten to the wall by screwing the provided screws into the holes in the corner of the plate.

Step 18

Bring power to the outlet by using the HDMI-approved 6-foot extension cord. Place the female end into the outlet in the bottom recessed cable plate with the power receptacle. Plug the male end in the nearest power source or surge protector. You can now install whatever equipment you would like.


  • Be sure to turn off electricity before doing any electrical work.