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How to Remove a Control Panel on a Kenmore Elite Dryer

Kenneth Crawford

The timer, touch-pad assembly and push-to-start switch are inside the control console of the Kenmore Elite dryer. When repairing these components, the control console sits back in a service position. Some repairs require complete removal of the control panel. Removing the control panel on a Kenmore Elite requires accessing the screws that fasten it to the top of the dryer. Two trim pieces on the control console hide the screws from view

  1. Unplug the Kenmore Elite dryer power cord from the outlet.

  2. Remove the trim pieces off the ends of each side of the control panel to reveal the securing screws. Place your thumb toward the bottom of each trim piece and push up on the trim. The trim will unsnap from the bottom. On a Kenmore Elite, the securing screws are at the bottom front of each end of the control console.

  3. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

  4. Grab the ends with your hands and pull forward. Lift the back of the control panel up, and roll the panel forward to reveal the electrical connections.

  5. Label each of the connecting wires with masking tape and a pencil. Write the wire location on the tape, and pull each wire from the control console. The control console is now free from the dryer.