How to Replace a Window at Home

If your home window fails to open or close smoothly, suffers from water damage or the window seal's broken, then it is about time for you to change your old window. You do not need to suffer from the effects of the changing weather or compromise with the privacy of your room because of the non-functional old window. You can replace your window with a brand new window all on your own in just a few hours.

Damaged windows can cause leaks.
  1. Measure the dimensions of your old window. You will have to buy a new window of the same dimensions before you can replace the old one. You need to buy a window that would be a few inches shorter in dimensions than the dimensions of the window opening.

  2. Remove all the nails and the exterior trim that secure the window with a hammer and its claw. Pull out the old window from the window opening area.

  3. Clear the window opening area of any kind of debris and loose tools. If the area is not clear, it may obstruct the installation of the new window.

  4. Set the new window in the window opening area, keeping it at the center of the frame. Fix it temporarily with some retention bands to keep it from moving while you fix it.

  5. Nail it once you are sure of its position. If the new window comes with a nailing flange, your work gets easier. Nail once every 6 inches starting from the top right part. Measure the window repeatedly while you nail it.

  6. Cut open the retention bands once you are sure of the measurements.

  7. Apply caulk on the sides of the window frame to secure it in place.


  • Before installing the new window, check the measurements of the old window, the new window, the window opening and the window frame repeatedly. If you buy a window of any other size, you will not be able to use it.
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