How to Reface Garage Doors

Nicole Byerly

Over time, paint on the garage door may chip away and create an unsightly appearance. Replacing the door for cosmetic reasons may not be practical, as the cost of doing so may be more than many homeowners can afford. Refacing the garage door is a project that can be completed at a fraction of the cost, creating a brand new appearance for your garage door in a short amount of time.

Give your garage door a whole new look by refacing it with garage door panels.
  1. Apply liquid solvent to the garage door with a rag. Allow the solvent to penetrate the existing paint before brushing over the paint with a wire brush. Use a metal scraper to remove paint stuck to the garage door.

  2. Sand any rough edges and remaining paint with 100-grit sandpaper. The 100-grit paper is abrasive enough to remove any hard-to-remove paint without damaging the surface of the garage door.

  3. Measure the length and width of each garage door section. Folding garage doors are separated into several 2-foot-high sections to allow the door to function properly.

  4. Cut the door panels to size by laying the straight edge over the area to be removed and cutting along the straight edge with a carbide blade. Door panels generally come in sections that are 9 feet wide and 2 feet high. The panels may need to be cut down to size in order to properly cover curved openings.

  5. Spray the back of the first panel to be installed with the glue gun. Hold the gun around 5 inches from the back of the panel and apply a smooth and consistent layer of glue. Allow the glue to set for 30 seconds. Press the panel onto the door, adjusting it as needed.

  6. Push on the panel with your hand in several locations, working from the center of the panel out toward the edges. This will remove any air bubbles from behind the panels, which could potentially cause problems in the future. Work quickly, as the glue dries in as little as two minutes.

  7. Spray and mount the remaining panels on the garage door until the entire door surface is covered.