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How to Remove Hair Color From Countertops

Amy McClain

Boxed hair color requires a lot of mixing, so it's no wonder your bathroom counter ends up with a few stray drops of dye. If you are lucky enough to notice the dye as soon as it hits your counter, you may be able to clean up the mess with a wet cloth. However, if the dye sits too long on the surface, it can turn into a stubborn stain. With a little diligence and some basic household products, you can clean up the dye spills and leave your countertop stain free.

Remove hair color stains from your countertop quickly and easily.
  1. Dampen a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol. Rub the cloth over the stained area, applying pressure to remove the stain. This method is very effective on most surfaces. However, if you have a marble or granite countertop, you may need to use something to draw the stain out, because marble is somewhat porous and has probably absorbed the dye.

  2. Pour a few tablespoons of 12 percent hydrogen peroxide into a bowl. Slowly add talc powder into the bowl, mixing as you add. Continue adding small amounts and mixing until a thick paste is formed.

  3. Apply the paste to the affected area of the countertop. Place it directly on top of the stain, applying enough so the paste is about 1/2 inch thick and extends beyond the stain by 1/2 inch or so.

  4. Cover the paste with plastic--kitchen grade plastic wrap works well. Secure the edges with masking tape to make an airtight seal. Allow the mixture to sit for 48 hours, then carefully remove the plastic wrap. Leave the paste intact, and allow it to dry in the open air until it hardens--usually about 24 hours.

  5. Use a spatula to lift the hardened paste from your countertop and dispose of it. Wipe any remaining residue from your counter with a damp cloth.