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How to Clean Acid Stains From Marble Finish

Tiffany Silverberg

Marble makes a luxurious material for floors, walls, countertops and mantels. This porous material tends to absorb stains from liquids and oils that have come in contact with it. Certain liquids, such as juice or wine, may contain certain acids that, once absorbed, leave an unsightly and harmful stain in the marble.

Applying a poultice treatment will pull the stain back out of the pores of the marble and remove the stain. This low-maintenance treatment will restore your marble surface to its original shine.

  1. Clean up any liquid spill on the surface of the marble with a damp sponge.

  2. Tear the paper towel into small pieces and thoroughly wet them with hydrogen peroxide. It should make a pasty consistency.

  3. Apply the wet paper towel to the stained area, covering the entire area.

  4. Cover the paper towel with plastic wrap. Stick the wrap to the marble or adhere the edges with tape.

  5. Check the stain after 24 hours. If the stain is still evident, apply fresh towels with hydrogen peroxide. Check again after 24 hours.

  6. Apply polish to the stained area.

  7. Warning

    Because marble is so porous, avoid scrubbing the area with detergent as it could be absorbed into the marble.