How to Replace a Locking Core on a Steelcase Cabinet

For almost a century, Steelcase cabinets have been designed to deliver decades of dependable use and security. Occasionally, even with normal use, dirt or wear can cause a Steelcase lock to jamb or become difficult to operate. When this happens, replacement of the locking core is a simple procedure that restores security to the door or drawer.

  1. Open the cabinet door or drawer to expose the lock assembly.

  2. Loosen and remove the end screw from the lock assembly to detach the pivot arm from the lock using a Phillips screwdriver.

  3. Remove the hex bolt and metal washer at the base of the locking core on the inside face of the door or drawer using a small adjustable wrench. The hex bolt must be unscrewed along the full length of the locking core to remove it from the cabinet.

  4. Slide the lock cylinder collar over the new locking core, then insert the new locking core through the hole in the door or drawer face. Press the locking core and collar flush to the door or drawer surface.

  5. Slip the metal washer onto the end of the locking core, then thread the hex bolt removed in Step 3 clockwise onto the end of the locking core.

  6. Screw the hex nut down the full-length of the locking core and tighten against the inside surface of the door or drawer using the small adjustable wrench.

  7. Attach the pivot arm to the new locking core by threading the end screw through the hole in the pivot arm into the end of the locking core. Make sure the pivot arm's square hole engages the square end tab on the locking core, then tighten the end screw using a Philips screwdriver.

  8. Test that the new locking core operates properly using the keys provided.