How to Refill Blue Rhino Propane Tanks

The days when you could go to the gas station and fill up your own propane tank are long gone. Because of the risks involved, many companies now offer exchange programs or you can have a trained attendant fill the propane tank for you. Blue Rhino offers an exchange program for a nominal fee, however, you pay a flat fee no matter how much propane may be left in the tank. You can save money by taking the tank to an authorized propane tank-filling station and paying only for the amount that is placed into the tank.

Step 1

Turn off the supply valve on top of the Blue Rhino tank. Turn the connector to your grill counterclockwise to release the tank from the grill.

Step 2

Place the tank on the back floorboard of your car so that it does not tip over or roll around. If you place the tank in the bed of a pickup truck, tie up the tank so that it stays in an upright position and does not move.

Step 3

Take the tank to an authorized propane tank-filling station. U-haul outlets, convenience stores, Southern States and some home improvement centers provide filling services, as well as exchanges.

Step 4

Inform an attendant or sales clerk that you have a propane tank to fill. Follow the procedures for the facility and hand your tank to an attendant.

Step 5

Pay for your refill and take the propane tank home. Do not smoke while a full propane tank is in the vehicle with you. Although it is unlikely to happen, accidental sparks and hot ash can ignite fumes.

Step 6

Place the Blue Rhino tank under your grill and hook it up per the manufacturer's instructions.