How to Organize Curling Irons & Hair Dryers

To some, organizing hair dryers and curling irons might come naturally. But if you live in a household with several women, or if you run a salon out of your house, you're more than likely to encounter issues with these appliances. They're heavy and have long cords that easily become tangled. Even just two of these appliances can easily jumble up into a mess that eats into the time you set aside to get dressed each morning. You can reclaim this time by arranging your hair appliances into a super organized station.

While most of this hair dryer's cord appears contained, it could still easily get tangled up with another appliance.
  1. Purchase sturdy cylindrical vases made out of glass or ceramic--one for each hair dryer or curling iron you own. To prevent the vases from toppling over, buy ones that are twice as heavy as each hair appliance. Verify that each hair appliance fits comfortably in each vase, with only an inch of the appliance sticking out of the top.

  2. Purchase a basic wooden shelf that will hold all the vases comfortably. If possible, purchase a shelf that has a rail so there is no danger of any of the vases toppling off. Install the rail so that it runs across the middle of each vase.

  3. Install the shelf in an area near an electrical socket in your bathroom or the area where you do your hair in the morning. As always, don't install this shelf near any sources of water such as a toilet or faucet. Drill the shelf into the wall using the screws that came with your shelf kit.

  4. Place all the vases onto the shelf and test the sturdiness of the shelf. Wrap the electrical cords around each appliance or feed them into the bottom of the vases, keeping the plug hanging off the edge of the vase, so you can easily plug it into the electrical socket; or if this shelf is in not in a bathroom setting, you can keep it plugged into the wall. Place each appliance into a vase in the order that you habitually use them.


  • Let your hair dryer, straightening iron, curling iron and other items cool before replacing them in the vase. These vases are just there to organize your items when they're not in use. Heat could crack the glass or ceramic vase.

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