How to Find the Break in an Invisible Fence Wire

Invisible fencing is a popular alternative to above ground fencing for many homeowners. Typically installed along the perimeter of a property, invisible fencing is buried below the surface of the ground and is connected to a power supply. Dogs wear a collar with a receiver that emits an audible tone when the dog approaches the buried wire. From time to time the underground wire can be damaged and broken by digging and other causes. Locating the damage to the cable can be done with a few simple items.

Use a blade screwdriver to help locate a broken invisible fence line.
  1. Unplug the power supply for the invisible fencing. Locate the terminals to which the invisible fence ground wires are connected with screws.

  2. Loosen the contact screws with a blade screwdriver and remove the cables from the terminals.

  3. Hold an RF choke in the round middle section so that a wire extends out to both sides. Connect a wire to each terminal of the power supply.

  4. Attach a wire from the underground fencing to each wire of the RF choke that is connected to the terminal. Wrap the invisible fence ground wires around the RF choke wires to hold them in place.

  5. Plug in the power supply and turn up the signal strength. Tune an AM radio to 600 mhz and begin walking the fence line following the low tone coming from the radio. Follow the line until the tone stops, indicating a break.

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