How to Display Photo Albums

Albums that are hidden inside a drawer and out of sight are forgotten and rarely enjoyed. Keep your photo albums handy and ready for easy access for family and visitors to browse through. Having your family albums displayed will give a friendly feel to any room and will encourage frequent viewing.

Take your photos out of the shoebox and display them in attractive albums.
  1. Prop plate holders on a shelf and use them to show albums with decorative covers. Hobby stores, home improvement centers or department stores carry a variety of plate holders that are made of metal or wood. Mount holders on the wall for a tiered effect or mount side-by-side. Each holder will hold one album making it easy to identify.

  2. Insert photos inside a photo cube and use as bookends. Stand the albums upright and place a photo cube on both sides of the albums. Rotate the cubes occasionally to show a new photo facing forward.

  3. Place the albums inside a large woven basket. Spray the basket a color to complement the room decor. Choose a calm day to spray the basket outdoors. Hold the can about 12 inches from the basket and spray evenly going back and forth. After the basket is dry, align the albums so each album can be removed and returned easily.

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