How do I Repair a Weber Grill Handle?

Jeffrey Brian Airman

If the handle on your Weber grill broke, don't fret. You can quickly repair it and get back to grilling the foods you enjoy. The handle on a Weber grill allows the cook to raise and lower the lid or transport the grill. Damage to the handle can make it difficult to adjust the position of the lid once the grill gets hot. When the lid is raised, more of the heat is able to escape and foods cook more slowly. Fix a Weber grill handle to take control of where and how you grill.

Step 1

Tighten the screw or screws in the grill handle with a Phillips screwdriver. A Weber handle that is coming apart or coming off may simply have a loose screw.

Step 2

Glue a broken or cracked plastic Weber grill handle back together using heat-resistant epoxy. Remove the handle completely and apply a small amount of the adhesive to the broken edges. Clamp the parts together and allow the epoxy to cure, according to the manufacturer's directions.

Step 3

Straighten bent handle mounts with pliers. Handles that have been missing or broken for some time leave the mounts unprotected, which often causes them to get bent or twisted. Slowly bend the handle mounts straight so the repaired handle lines up perfectly for installation.

Step 4

Sandwich the inner and outer sections of the repaired handle over the mounts on the Weber grill. Secure the handle by tightening the screw or screws.