How to Use Alpine Stereo Removal Keys

Andrew Todd

Alpine in-dash receivers are mounted inside a bracket that is bolted to the dashboard of your car. Although this provides a secure housing for the stereo, it makes accessing the rear of the receiver cumbersome, as you must dismantle the dashboard to access the receiver's rear panel. If you need to quickly access the rear of the receiver to adjust connections such as the power or speaker cables, or if you would like to add an axillary input cable, proprietary stereo removal keys allow you to pull the unit out of the housing.

  1. Remove the faceplate of the Alpine head unit by pressing the release button on the corner of the unit. If your model has a flip-down faceplate, flip it down, then push the faceplate either to the left or right and gently pull back on it to remove it.

  2. Remove the outer plastic ring surrounding the head unit by gently prying it off with the flat-head screwdriver.

  3. Insert the removal keys into the guides in the mounting bracket on each side of the head unit.

  4. Pull the unit out of the mounting bracket with the keys still inserted into the guides.