How to Store Beef Jerky for Long-Term Storage

Cured and dried jerky lengthens the shelf life of beef. Used for an emergency food supply, beef jerky provides a lean source of protein that can be difficult to find among other long-term food storage products like dried fruits and vegetables. Like dried fruits and vegetables, improper storage of jerky can thwart your preservation techniques and ruin the stored batch.

  1. Place the jerky into a zip top freezer bag or vacuum sealer bag.

  2. Push out the air from the zip top bag and seal, or follow the instructions on your vacuum sealer to remove the air and seal the bag.

  3. Place the bag of jerky into a glass jar, and screw on the lid.

  4. Write the current date on the front of the jar and then write the date one month away if the jerky is homemade, or one year from the current date if storing commercial jerky.

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