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How to Convert a Basket Coffee Filter to Use in a Cone Coffee Maker

Mitchell Holt

The coffee-filter format quandary has confused new coffee drinkers for years. Whether you send a non-coffee drinker out to buy coffee filters or you accidentally grab the wrong type at the grocery store, don't let it stress you out. Converting basket filters for use in a cone-filter coffeemaker is simple.

Converting a basket filter into a cone filter is simple and takes seconds.
  1. Remove one basket coffee filter -- the flat-bottom filter -- from the stack.

  2. Cut one slit down the side of the basket filter, starting at the top and cutting straight down to the center of the flat surface.

  3. Hold both sides of the slit vertically, bring them toward each other and overlap them until the filter paper forms a cone the size of your coffeemaker cone.

  4. Hold the sides together with one hand and get two 1-inch pieces of clear, nontoxic tape with the other hand. Tape the seam formed by the two sides in the middle of the seam with one piece of tape and at the top of the seam with the other.

  5. Place the now-cone-shaped filter into the coffeemaker filter compartment, scoop in the coffee, add water and press "Start."