How to Tint Skylights

A skylight is a tubular device beginning at the roof and ending on the ceiling of a room with a square or circle of glass that directs diffused light into the room to brighten its appearance. Skylights can provide a wonderful addition to a room, but you may also find once you've installed a skylight that the room itself has become overly bright. An easy resolution to this problem involves adding a tint to the glass of the skylight, allowing you to control the amount of light it allows into the room.

A skylight fills a room with sunlight, which you can dim by adding a window tint to the surface of the glass.
  1. Clean the surface of the skylight with glass cleaner and paper towels. Remove all fingerprints, dirt and smudging.

  2. Clean the window with the soap and water to remove all chemical substances.

  3. Peel off the back of the window tint, exposing one sticky side. Apply the sticky side to the surface of the glass.

  4. Smooth out all bubbles with your squeegee, leaving the tint lying flat over the glass.

  5. Trim any excess tint from the edges of the skylight with your razor blade.