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How to Mount Rope Light in the Driveway

Tye Larabee

Rope lighting makes an easy, cost-effective solution to many outdoor lighting needs. Two types of rope lights can be applied to outdoor use--electrical rope lighting and solar rope lighting. Electrical rope lighting requires the use of an outlet, which makes it necessary to run extension cords or install a satellite outlet nearby. Solar rope lighting does not need an outlet. If you don't have a recessed area to install the rope lights, consider using a clear mounting track secured with epoxy.

A well lit driveway can prevent mishaps that could ruin beautiful landscaping work.
  1. Measure the area carefully where you wish to install the rope lighting.

  2. Lay the rope lighting around the areas you want lit. If recessed areas are available (i.e. the groove between landscaping and pavement), simply press the rope lighting down into the recessed areas, carefully working your way around the entire area.

  3. Attach a mounting track to pavement using epoxy in areas where no recessed spaces are available.

  4. Run the rope lighting through the mounting track once the epoxy has dried completely.