How to Install Nailhead Trim

Nailhead trim is a decorative accent for furniture used to embellish upholstered pieces.
Nailhead trim hides the staples used in adding batting and fabric over the frame of a chair or couch and infuses the furniture with style and sophistication. If some nails have fallen out of your furniture or if you want to reupholster a piece, nailhead trim is a fairly simple way to finish off the arms and rails. Nailhead trim is available in many different designs and finishes, so it will fit into any decor. .

Step 1

Measure the area to be covered with trim, using the cloth tape measure for accuracy.

Step 2

Lay the chair down, if possible, so gravity can assist you as you lay out the nailhead trim. Trim on a roll needs a nail only every third space, using false nailheads in between.

Step 3

Start in a corner. Draw the fabric taut over the batting and line up the trim on the edge of the fabric. Using a mallet or tackhammer, gently nail the first nail into the hole.

Step 4

Continue around the chair back or arm, bending the trim as necessary.

Step 5

Cut the trim with wire cutters at the corners. If you can't end the line of trim at a nailhead, cut the trim at the closest hole and add individual nails to finish off the line. Use a nail spacer to maintain consistency between the nailheads. Start the next row by cutting off the two false nailheads so you can start the new row with a nail.

Things You Will Need

  • Cloth tape measure
  • Nailhead trim
  • Matching individual nails
  • Mallet or tack hammer
  • Nail spacer
  • Wire cutters

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