Homemade Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner

Bacteria grow all over kitchen surfaces. Raw meat is one of the main sources of kitchen bacteria and needs to be cleaned immediately with an antibacterial cleaner. Instead of buying an expensive commercial cleaner, make your own at home for a fraction of the cost. A single bottle of vinegar or dish soap cost around a dollar and you won't use the entire bottle in one recipe. Reuse the spray bottle to make more cleaner.

Put your homemade cleaning in any size spray bottle
  1. Open a spray bottle and fill it full with vinegar.

  2. Spray the surfaces with the cleaner. Let it set for a minute, and then clean off with a towel.

  3. Open another spray bottle and pour two to three drops of dish soap into the bottle.

  4. Fill three-quarters full with running water, put the top back on and shake the bottle for about five seconds. Spray the surface and wipe clean.

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