How to Hang a Swing-Arm Wall Lamp

Cecilia Harsch

Adding additional wall lighting to a room can help brighten dark areas. Sometimes it is not feasible to install hardwired lighting into the wall and other options are needed. Plug-in swing-arm wall lamps can provide both task and reading light to areas such as bedrooms and sitting areas. Moving the light using the swing arm allows you to provide lighting for a larger area other than the location of the mounted lamp.

  1. Mark the location on the wall where you want to hang the swing-arm lamp with a pencil. Confirm that the location allows the cord to hang perpendicular on the wall below the lamp and still reach an outlet. Adjust your location accordingly until you are satisfied with the lamp's placement.

  2. Drill a wood screw into the wall stud if your chosen location is on the stud. If hanging the lamp on drywall, use a threaded drywall anchor rated to hold the weight of your swing arm wall lamp. Screw the anchor into the drywall with a Phillips screwdriver until the anchor sits flush with the wall. Install the provided anchor screw into the anchor.

  3. Hang the swing arm wall lamp onto the anchor screw. The wall lamp has a keyhole opening on the back of the mounting base. Place the opening over the screw in the wall and rest the mounting base against the wall.

  4. Cover the swing-arm lamp cord with the provided cord cover. Insert the cord into the opening on the cord cover. Clean the wall with gentle soap and water and dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth where the cord cover adheres. Peel the protective backing off the cover and stick it to the wall beneath the lamp.

  5. Plug the swing-arm wall lamp into the wall outlet.