How to Soundproof a Sink

Soundproofing a sink might sound extreme, but anyone who has spent half the night awake because of a dripping faucet can tell you it is no joke. Old-style copper sinks, and those positioned above empty storage cupboards, are particularly bad at resonating the sound of the smallest drops. Luckily, a range of soundproofing materials on the market today will let you soundproof your sink and also let you sleep easy at night.

There are a range of soundproofing materials available on the market
  1. Measure the underside of the kitchen sink. Take the measurement from the top of the bowl on one side, all the way along the base to the top of the bowl at the other side.

  2. Cut a square of mass-loaded vinyl (MLV), using the measurement for the length of both sides. Wrap the MLV around the base of your sink and trim any excess material from your square to create a more snug fit.

  3. Attach the MLV to the underside of your sink, using duct tape. Wrap the tape around the MLV several times to make sure you fastened it securely to the sink.

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