How to Clean Gutters on a Second Floor

Part of homeownership is the maintenance and care required to tend to your property, ensuring its safety and attractiveness. Cleaning your gutters is part of that routine. Clean gutters assist in protecting your foundation from water damage. While cleaning them is actually a fairly straightforward task, gutters on homes with a second floor are trickier. To keep safe, it is best that a second person assist you in the job and that you allow plenty of time during fair weather to do the job.

Cleaning your second-floor gutters requires care and taking precautions.
  1. Open and set up a tall ladder next to the house so you can reach the gutters without stretching.

  2. Climb up the ladder with the bucket and gutter scoop, if you are using one.

  3. Scoop the dirt and debris from the gutters into the bucket with your hands or gutter scoop. Once the bucket is full, climb down the ladder and dump the debris away from your home, preferably in a green waste can.

  4. Move the ladder farther down the side of the house to clean another part of the gutter.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each section of the gutter until all the gutters are cleared of debris.

  6. Grab the hose and gutter brush, then climb back up the ladder. Scrub the sides of the gutters with the gutter brush to remove the slimy buildup. Use the hose to rinse the gutters so the slime rinses away and the water runs freely through and down them as intended. Scrub and rinse sections to keep from contaminating already-cleaned areas.

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