How to Replace Vinyl Flooring in an RV

Even a new or modern RV will begin showing wear and tear on the vinyl floor. Campers and motor homes typically use vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom spaces and some even use it throughout the whole space. The more you use the RV, the more the vinyl breaks down and looks dingy or dirty. Replacing the flooring gives your RV a more modern and clean look.

  1. Run the blade of the utility knife along one edge of the vinyl flooring. Insert the blade into the spot between the wall or cabinet and the floor itself. Push the end of the knife under the vinyl, until it begins pulling away from the floor. Keep pulling on the vinyl until you remove as much as possible.

  2. Apply an adhesive remover to the entire floor. Let the mixture sit for at least 10 minutes and scrape away any of the remaining pieces of vinyl that may have stuck to the floor. Use the sander to sand down the surface and make it more even.

  3. Combine the distilled white vinegar and a drop of dish soap with water in a plastic bucket. Use the solution to mop the floor surface and remove any traces of the glue or adhesive remover. Once the floor dries, pick up any remaining pieces of vinyl or any other grit stuck to the floor.

  4. Lay down an even coating of adhesive on the floor, using the scraper. Place the vinyl flooring directly on top, using the scraper to smooth out any bumps or air bubbles. Trim the excess vinyl with the utility knife and cut the vinyl to the right size to fit around cabinets and corners of the RV.

  5. Clean the new vinyl by mopping with a combination of warm water and dish soap or vinyl cleaner. This removes any dust or small amounts of adhesive attached to the top of the vinyl. Let the vinyl dry.

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